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Passionate About Inspiring Others

I have always been a people's person, a great listener and someone that people found comfortable opening up to. Having undergone emotional turmoil in my own life, I had developed a deep sense of empathy and the motivation to help people overcome emotional strife. Then, five years ago the thought struck my mind. I realised that most relationships turned sour because the two partners or other People were not able to understand each other properly and then I decided to become a professional life and relationship coach, in this way was born.


Shankar Sen Mahali works with people in the area including personal relationships, and personal growth and I also organize personal seminars, couple guidance, and self-improvement workshop. I try my best to help my clients in order to set better goals, take more action, make better decisions, and make use of their natural strengths. I also provide guidance and support to enhance skills, resources, and creativity that the client already has and also provide feedback on their work. I encourage my clients to bring out the best in them and help them to analyze and address their own behavior and challenges rather than offering a great deal of specific advice or direction. I carefully listen to my Client and observe their behavior so that I can customize help to them as a Personal Coach.

I may often use inquiry, reflection, requests, and discussion to help my client to identify personal, business, and relationship goals and then develop strategies and action plans. Through this process, my clients determine what steps they need to take and it also helps them to be accountable by monitoring their progress. In general, I do not give a lot of specific advice nor do I offer therapy, I just act as a mirror by sharing an outside and unbiased perspective on whatever I observe about my client. In addition to being a Personal Life Coach. I also work as an RTI Activist & Social worker, Lead a Tribal Youth, and have also participated in many Constitutional and Social Awareness Activities.

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